RAW Training Apr 8-25 2016

As expected I haven’t updated in a while since I decided to not post every day. There has to be a happy medium between Tweeting and an actual blog.

So what’s been going on since the last time I checked in. Not too much except the weather has very slowly been getting better. Which means more riding outside! My tight hips and other body parts are gone due to yoga and riding outside. Had a break to walk around NYC – lots of real steps, not the FitBit double counting of outside riding and steps/stairs. This past weekend rode 94 miles split over 2 days totaling just under 7 hours (including breaks). Still struggling with the snack while riding issue: how much do I bring? Didn’t bring enough on Sunday and burnt out near the end. I can also see water becoming an issue on longer rides if I don’t stash more bottles on me, or I can stop to refill I guess (as another option).

Feeling good since I was able to do 50 miles – never tried that before. Now to work on slowly cranking up the speed.