RAW Training Apr 5-7 2016

I think that instead of trying to backfill for every day I’ve missed, I’m going to bunch them together into semi-weekly posts. This way there’s less boredom and repetition for all involved.

This week,in addition to Sunday that’s in another post, I did 66 and 25 minute spins – still difficult to be indoors after such nice weather! The snow on the ground is definitely an obstacle. Still hating the standing climbs on the spinning bike. On the 7th, Thursday, I went for a cold, ~43 degree, ride outside for 86 minutes and 18.8 miles (including stops to figure out where I was going: 12 minutes including stop signs and lights). A very mellow pace, with 1266 foot elevation gain. Still figuring out the bike but it’s definitely getting easier! Looking forward to the week coming up where it’s going to be in the upper 40’s and in the 50’s! More outside rides as long as the nasty rain holds off.

Also, trying to figure out food for rides longer than 90 minutes. PB&J? Maybe?