RAW Training Feb 23 2016

Broke 700 kCal tonight again. Being sick appears to have done wonders 😛 . I just made it over the 700 mark at 60 minutes so it wasn’t as clean as Sunday, but I’m taking it. My brother says I should be happy it’s not 1000 kCal to which I responded that there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that. I think I’ll stick with being happy for 700+ for now. At any rate, mostly at setting 15 and higher for 63.75 minutes (ok, I confess to a few minutes at 14). Lots of climbing at settings 20 and 21 – teacher was in the mood for power and speed. I don’t see how people can spin at more than 65 RPM when standing. Too light a gear is not for me, I’ll hurt myself. Even at setting 19 I can get up to 70 RPM out of the saddle and could probably do more except that it feels unnatural and uncomfortable. <sigh> I expect I’ll figure it out someday. Maybe running has ruined me?

RAW Training Feb 22 2016

Today is 75 minutes of yoga which is good since I am feeling pretty stiff, comparatively. Looking over the RAW web site it turns out there are some qualifiers throughout the season. I’m thinking Wisconsin on August: 400 miles if I can get someone to follow in a car/van. I could do solo if I get permission, but it would suck if I had a mechanical problem and no one to call. If I can’t get someone, then I’m thinking 200 miles.

RAW Training Feb 21 2016

First day back from my cold! Still somewhat congested but nothing out of control. Full of energy after my 1.5 days of immobility. Workout was 60 minutes of spinning at setting 15 and 90 RPM interspaced with some standing, about 5 minutes at settings 20 and 21. Broke 700 calories according to the bike – so there’s another goal reached (was about 750 for the hour). I will see if I can move tomorrow.

RAW Training Feb 17 2016

Getting a cold  😐 . Boo, hiss. It’s been creeping up on me very slowly and has decided it’s going to stay. Put in a one hour workout on the spinning bike. Given all the leg rest I was in setting 15 and 16 for most of the hour with about 8 minutes at settings 20 and 21. yes, that’s right: setting 21 for that slow, uphill climb experience. Felt better afterwards than I had thought I would. Definitely needing more H2O with the cold.

RAW Training Feb 15 2016

No training over the weekend – it was Valentines Day on Sunday. Didn’t make it to Saturday Yoga either. Today was supposed to be a Yoga day and while it technically was, the (substitute) teacher decided to extend Valentines Day and had us doing partner and trust exercises. After sitting on my tush all day I would rather have moved more. I’m not sure this counted as training, perhaps more as another recovery day – 4th in a row. I will be all rested for tomorrow.

RAW Training Feb 10 2016

Short time spinning today because I have to deliver dinner at 6:00 PM. Well, I am going to be late for that because I want to get exercise in. So it’s 30 minutes on the bike while peddling rapidly and going nowhere. Spent most of the time at setting 15 and 16 will about 4 minutes at setting 19 and 20. So I guess not all of it was fast peddling. Covered 12.3 miles for a nice MPH of 24.5.

RAW Training Feb 9 2016

82 minutes of spinning with the tough teacher for 60 of them. At about 5′ 0″ she’s a ball of energy and does everything she’s having the class do so there’s no excuse. Needless to say I make some up so I don’t have to do absolutely everything (such as: I’ve already put in an extra 20 minutes before class). Lots of time at setting 14 and 20 today (yes, more standing than normal). Lots of animal stretching afterwards: lizard, upward dog, cobra, and pigeon. Feeling the thighs.