RAW Training Mar 13 2016

Another day for trying out bikes. Today was a Specialized vs Giant bout and Specialized won. The price point for Specialized was $1000 less and the ride was better IMO. I did notice more maneuverability with the Giant, but I don’t think a quicker turn in Endurance racing is worth $1000. Especially since I haven’t even raced yet!

The season of Rochester Cycling Club has started and I’ve yet to ride with them – it’s been two whole days! Needless to say I am looking forward to starting with them. Hopefully I will have a new bike, a road bike, by next weekend.

I did go spinning today for 45 minutes, which with the 18 I spent trying out bikes, makes for an hour workout. A slow workout actually since I was in setting 16 and 17 most of the time; finished on setting 15. Did some standing today and while it had gotten better, it’s back to the hate part of the relationship. For the spinning portion of the day, I had 21.1 MPH – yuck. Did upper body weights again and lots of stretching. Hip flexors are not too happy with me. I need to stop slacking off in the stretching!