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Another Chainmail Bracelet

Allright! Another chainmail bracelet is made and is being worn.

This one is similar to the previous one but not as wide and with different colors.

I find that the width fits me better and since I just made it I’m not so sure of the colors. One thing I noticed with the narrower bracelet is that in tends to collapse a little when it’s not flush against my arm. I will have to see if it changes it’s behavior as time goes on and it gets worn.

As before, there isn’t a clasp, just a bunch of rubber rings to make it stretchy.

One unfortunate aspect of this bracelet is that it’s a little large when I’m wearing it. This is due to the pattern being two metal rings followed by one rubber ring. To get the correct length I needed to add a full cycle. Changing the patter to be one metal followed by one rubber ring would solve that problem.