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Another Chainmail Bracelet

Allright! Another chainmail bracelet is made and is being worn.

This one is similar to the previous one but not as wide and with different colors.

I find that the width fits me better and since I just made it I’m not so sure of the colors. One thing I noticed with the narrower bracelet is that in tends to collapse a little when it’s not flush against my arm. I will have to see if it changes it’s behavior as time goes on and it gets worn.

As before, there isn’t a clasp, just a bunch of rubber rings to make it stretchy.

One unfortunate aspect of this bracelet is that it’s a little large when I’m wearing it. This is due to the pattern being two metal rings followed by one rubber ring. To get the correct length I needed to add a full cycle. Changing the patter to be one metal followed by one rubber ring would solve that problem.

Chainmail Bracelet Finished

In exciting news today I want to announce that I’ve finished a new chainmail bracelet of my own design.

Black, blue, and silver bracelet
Black chainmail bracelet with blue and silver

As you can see it’s a very simple design. but with the right colors and rings it really stands out. When I started I felt that having less than three rows (or is it columns?) across wouldn’t end up well. Having completed this one I can see that having only one or two rows would be enough. For my size, it’s a bit wide; especially when worn with my Garmin.

It stretches to fit over the hand, which is my favorite way of doing bracelets, due to rubber rings added every third row.The black jump rings are stacked two deep while the rubber rings are only one deep. I have found that using only one rubber ring is sufficient and that they don’t break easily.