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RAW Training Mar 21 2016

Yet another week has gotten away from me. Had a different teacher at Yoga today. She saw me stretching and told me I was doing it all wrong – which I knew. So I asked her how to get the parts stretched that I was focusing on without doing it wrong. Ended up with an hours of hamstring, IT, and other leg stretches. Turned out that it was good since I picked up a new set of hamstring stretching. I probably could have picked up more if I remembered what we did.

RAW Training Mar 19 2016

Did some training while testing out bikes. I like to test on hills to see what it feels like to push really hard. Ended up getting the Trek ALR with Shimano 105 gear set. I was fresher for the hill with the Tiagro gearset the first two times up the hill. Switching to the 105 showed that there was enough difference in hitting the hill that I changed my mind and spent the bucks. The sweet red color is not mine now – it’s now shiny black (with snot green lettering – who made that decision?).

RAW Training Mar 17 2016

Back after a day off. Had a 85 minute spinning class and apparently at 27.9 MPH, which is crazy. Spent much more my time than usual at the 95 RPM mark so maybe not so crazy. My heart rate has no ramp up today, from 70 to 172 BPM in no time and a typical drop at the end. Hmm, maybe my fitbit was not fit(ting) and then decided to work. Still feeling that my deep muscles are unhappy.

The Geneva Bike Center called to say my test bike was in. Tomorrow is bike buying time!

RAW Training Mar 15 2015

Still working out the kinks from being lazy and not stretching last week. Took Yoga at work; 45 minutes. It’s a nice easy pace since almost everyone there is new. to Yoga Have a wonderful teacher that is flexible in what people do. Learned a new stretch that I hadn’t done before for the shoulders – of course I need to remember it which is why I’ll probably never do it again <jk about not doing it again, not the remembering part>.

Spinning for 80 minutes which was good. Teacher doing speed workout which I did not do. Focussing on recovery at this time. Obsessing about what bike to get… stay tuned!

RAW Training Mar 13 2016

Another day for trying out bikes. Today was a Specialized vs Giant bout and Specialized won. The price point for Specialized was $1000 less and the ride was better IMO. I did notice more maneuverability with the Giant, but I don’t think a quicker turn in Endurance racing is worth $1000. Especially since I haven’t even raced yet!

The season of Rochester Cycling Club has started and I’ve yet to ride with them – it’s been two whole days! Needless to say I am looking forward to starting with them. Hopefully I will have a new bike, a road bike, by next weekend.

I did go spinning today for 45 minutes, which with the 18 I spent trying out bikes, makes for an hour workout. A slow workout actually since I was in setting 16 and 17 most of the time; finished on setting 15. Did some standing today and while it had gotten better, it’s back to the hate part of the relationship. For the spinning portion of the day, I had 21.1 MPH – yuck. Did upper body weights again and lots of stretching. Hip flexors are not too happy with me. I need to stop slacking off in the stretching!